and this is

our story

We are Josh (human), Emilie (human), & Ralphie (floof) and we're the proud creators of Stella Coffee (well, Ralphie didn't do that much).

TL;DR — Josh and Em couldn't escape the universe pulling them together and finally decided to get married & build a business. After almost drowning in debt during the pandemic, Stella Coffee was born. Stella Coffee will always be formed by the fact that it was conceived during the pandemic - we will always be hungry for the connection with our community & the resilience of humanity.



Yo, listen up! Meet Emilie 🇳🇴 from Norway and Josh 🇩🇪 from Germany. Back in 2012, they were so close yet so far—Emilie in the Netherlands and Josh chilling in Belgium, and one night - just 100 feet away at a concert. Fate played games, and they almost crossed paths several times. But college was where it finally kicked off! They stood right behind each other during the International Student Orientation, and bam—couple goals! Boston, Germany, and a sweet marriage later, here they are. Love it when destiny takes the wheel!

Now, here's the real deal—building a business. After studying, they knew they wanted something big to bring to the table. So in 2018, they sold their crib and scooped up Carthay Café. Mistakes taught them some valuable lessons (thankful for those, seriously!).

Then...the pandemic! The hospitality industry took a hit, but they weren't about to back down. From 4.30 am to 5.30 pm, they hustled and hoped for customers. On the flip side, they connected with their peeps like never before. Shoutout to Karen, Doug, and Ben for keeping the hustle alive!

Locked and loaded with better coffee plans, they rebranded—coffee vibes on point! Perfectly brewed lattes were the new game, and Gavina Coffee had their back. Expert-level baristas in the house!

And the logo—now that's a wild story! Emilie's sis required that any member of the fam who were to get a doggo had to get a Frenchie, and the name "Stella" soon popped up on their radar. "Perfect name for our future baby," said Emilie (if that day ever comes!). But hold up, Stella was their baby, alright! It was written in the stars—literally—Stella means star. The logo hunt went cray, but a Frenchie stole the show!

Frenchies rock—they chill, sleep, and smile bright. No wonder they're voted "Most likely to be extra af." Plus, fun fact—Modern Family's Frenchie is named Stella too! Are we mad about that? Nah, it's cosmic magic!

And here they are, team Stella Coffee—living life and lovin' every sip. Delicious coffee, wraps, sandwiches, salads, and warm vibes all day long. he heart of Stella Coffee beats with a team of dynamic individuals. Musicians, chefs, writers, video editors—this team's got the full package! 

They're legit lovin' what they do (most of the time!). Catch 'em next time and ask about their side hustles and booming careers—they're killing it!

Feeling the vibes? Hit 'em up at JoshandEm@stellacoffeela.com. Get ready for a vibe check like no other! 🐾☕️