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Stella Coffee

Strategic Kitchen Alliance!


As we are a small café that does not need to use our kitchen all hours of the day, we are happy to offer small business owners or start-up chefs and bakers the ability to "rent" our space! (please read our important note in bold on the bottom of this page about our "rental agreement"). 

If you have any additional questions that are not listed here, please email

Can I rent by the hour? Do you offer a monthly lease?
You can rent our kitchen by the hour oron a monthly lease. If you rent by the hour, shelf space and storing in our freezer/fridge is not included, but you can add this to the agreement a la carte.

How much does it cost to rent your kitchen?

All hourly rentals have a 4 hr minimum. No storage is included unless you choose the monthly agreement or add storage separately.

MONTHLY RENT TBD. Depends on usage.

 *cleaning fee only applies if you leave the place dirty/unclean/do not put things back. It may also result in termination of agreement depending on severity.

What do I need to clean?

Our facility floor is cleaned by a cleaning crew during the night (usually between 10pm-12am) so you do not need to clean the floors after yourself. Only if you spill something major (e.g. lots of grease on the floor) or something which is likely to attract roaches. All utensils must be cleaned and sanitized, all equipment must be left as you found it (cleaned and sanitized) and all surfaces must be left cleaned and sanitized (you see a pattern here!). Short story: anything you use must be cleaned and sanitized!

This also applies for your own equipment if it is stored at the café. You must follow Health Department regulations while using our kitchen (ie - hair coverings, blue and aids if you are injured, gloves, hand washing etc.) and you must carry a current FoodHandlers permit.

Can I use all of your equipment?

Yes! You can use all of our equipment. We will do a walkthrough with you before your first rental to make sure you are familiar with how the equipment is operated and to determine which equipment is suitable for your operation.

Can I bring my own equipment? Can I store it?

You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment, the only thing we ask is that you please be careful not to overload the electrical system. Never plug too many devices into one outlet and use common sense! You can store your equipment according to the rates above. We are happy to work with you and store as many of your appliances as possible as well as your food items! Storage subject to approval based on size and amount.

Do you have parking?

There is ample free street parking after hours (including Sat/Sun) on Commodore Sloat (the back entrance to the cafe is located here). After 5pm you can park on other streets around the café for free as well.

We are located in an office building which offers a parking membership at $185/month. Using this you can enter the parking all week and after hours. Without a parking card, their daily and hourly rates apply and you can only enter between Mon-Sat and between the hours of 7am and 8pm.

Will other chefs and bakers be using the space?

Yes. Your rental would be subject to availability and how many hours you need per week. You will not need to interact or share equipment with anyone, but if agreed upon, one other person might be picking up or packaging their items as you arrive/leave. 

Do you have any additional rules?

As we keep our equipment and ingredients in the café it is vital that we trust each other and that you do not use or take from our ingredients or inventory when using our facilities. We also have security cameras throughout, so make sure to only bust those dance moves if you are okay with us seeing it ;) BUT, there is no audio recording so you can sing all you want!

What about HVAC?

Our building offers HVAC services, but after hours the building saves money by turning it down and sometimes off (around 7pm). Saturdays, they usually run it until 2pm or so. We have fans throughout to keep you cool and at night the temperatures are generally really cool.

If you need HVAC services after hours, they are available to rent from Douglas Emmett. AFTER HOURS HVAC: $45.00/hour with a 4 hour minimum**


You are responsible for any damage done to the property or our equipment as a result of your usage. This includes, but is not limited to: sprinklers going off, water damage, fire damage, broken equipment. You must carry a general liability insurance which names both our business (Mentrup Group LLC) as well as the landlord. See link below for the COI requirements. ALL persons you bring into the kitchen MUST BE CERTIFIED in SAFE FOOD HANDLING and must comply with health department regulations. 


**This was the price in 2020 and we cannot guarantee that this price is still the same.  

Note: We do not do "rentals." We do all agreements as a strategic alliance which is a form of contract where we each retain our independence but agree to resource sharing (You share: financial resources in forms of payment. We share: location resources in the form of venue usage). Read the definition by Investopedia here. 



COI REQUIREMENTS (yes, you must list ALL names on this AND list Stella Coffee/Mentrup Group LLC).